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The art of positioning

Position artworks accurately and hang them up? Discover how.

- Laser precision when positioning and marking
- Minimum physical contact with the artwork
- End result is 100% in accordance with preview

Flawless positioning and hanging of artworks

Positioning and hanging works of art is a delicate job. Certainly for large, valuable paintings. In addition to patience, many hands and a critical eye are needed to make the artwork look its best in the exhibition space.

With the Exalynz, all this is done in a responsible manner; safe, accurate and simple.

Exalynz - Ook voor tijdelijke tentoonstellingen

Also for temporary exhibitions

The Exalynz is also ideal for adding a single work of art to an existing exhibition. And that without having to hang the work of art on the wall. The artwork hangs securely on the Exalynz thanks to the anti-theft lock.

Exalynz - De onmisbare assistent voor museum en galerie

The essential assistant for museum and gallery

The convenience and user-friendliness of the Exalynz make it an essential tool. No artwork will be a centimetre too high or not spirit levelled. It is this precision that does justice to the artwork, the artist and of course the museum or gallery.

3 Convincing arguments for choosing the Exalynz



The Exalynz holds the piece of art at the desired position. You therefore have all the freedom and time to assess and adjust the position.



You can hang up with laser precision. Perfect spirit level, without miscalculations and without deviations. The system excludes mistakes, so the chance of errors is nil.



Fewer physical contact moments with the work of art while moving and positioning. In this way you minimize the chance of damage to the artwork or the exhibition space.


The Exalynz is the perfect assistant for the alignment, marking and positioning of paintings. Suitable for small and large works; from A3 format to max. 2.5 meters.

Exalynz features

Multiple suspension systems

Suitable for various steadies

Operation with tablet

Remote control via a tablet

Automatic levelling

Always perfect spirit level

Precision laser indicator

Exact and error-free marking with laser projection

Exalynz features

Security sensor

Secures the horizontal position of the suspension arms

Set vibration-free

Vibration-free positioning of the painting

Temporarily exhibiting

Can be used for temporarily, safely exhibit

Battery power 24V

Battery power supply; sufficient for positioning 10-12 paintings

How does the Exalynz work

  • 1

    Measure the distance between the steadies and the height of the painting with a tape measure

  • 2

    Enter this information on the tablet - the Exalynz will automatically adjust accordingly

  • 3

    Hang the painting on the chosen suspension points

  • 4

    The Exalynz level the work, 100% spirit level

  • 5

    Set the desired height

  • 6

    Rate the position and make corrections if necessary

  • 7

    Project the exact suspension points with the lasers and mark them

Only benefits

If you can position and hang a piece of art with fewer people, that is better for the artwork but also for the result.

With the Exalynz you replace manpower. This prevents long-term, cramped postures when holding and marking heavy and expensive works. The chance of miscalculations and mistakes is nil and prevents stress and irritation.

How nice it is to have a painting hang by the Exalynz and to focus on the composition in the exhibition space. Positioning is remote controlled through an app. You adjust and assess the result remotely. How relaxed does that work?
In addition, it is also better for the artwork. The fewer human actions, the less chance of accidents or damage.

With the Exalynz you can hang all your artworks securely and spatter cleanly, without having to correct afterwards.


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